Hebenon Updates!

Hello Violated!
I thought you might like to receive a few updates on what’s going on @ :HV:
I know I haven’t been the best at staying active… but stay tuned cause alot is going to happen! Uh-oh


Apr 9th 2014 – The Depraved Nation 100 Block Event

In case you don’t already know it, the 100 Block Event
features some of the most popular brands!

Each store has exclusive items for the event, and of course,
the :HV: is participating again this year with its very own.

WHATS THE EXCLUSIVE? – You’ll have to wait until the 9th!
I can tell you as much as its going to be an item for both genders!

( Hint: What’s every celebs favorite plastic surgery? )

Read more @ http://depravednation.com/event/100-block-event/


May 17th 2014 – The Dark Style Event

The :Hebenon Vial: is (ofcourse) for the first time participating in FFE’s
“The Dark Style Event” (being a gothic/horror inspired store and all).

There will be an exclusive which you REALLY don’t wanna miss! Also for both male and female.

( Hint: What’s a Hebenon Halloween exclusive which is also named after a certain Batman: Animated Series villain? )

Also I will be providing a free gift and a limited edition item which will be
sold in a limited number of copies! Oh dear!

The limited item is something I made for myself personally,
but I’ve been getting so many IMs about it I’m going to put it out for the event. Only!

Also don’t forget the recently released items @ the Store:


That’s it for now! Have a deliciously devious day.
– Trisha Zweig,
the :HV:

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