✣ The Nostalgia Collection is TOMORROW!
At 8AM SLT the doors will open for a line of NEW and ORIGINAL HV piercing sets. This means that the :HV: is closed down from this very moment, since the Collection is setup somewhere on the HV sim. We wouldn’t want any cheateeerrrs!

✣ Wear your tag for discount!
You will get 10% off if you’re in the :HV: update group. You can find the group joiner @ the Mainstore.

✣ Facebook event
If you’re into that, here’s the link for the Facebook event:

✣ Here is your taxih
It won’t take you there yet, no matter how much you scream and/or throw dildos at it. It will be ready from 8AM SLT.


Trisha Zweig,
:HV: – the :Hebenon Vial:

Hello, violated!

It’s been a long time coming due to a busy RL, however now it’s finally here; the Nostalgia Collection 2014 opens its doors this Sunday the 31st of August from 8AM SLT! 

What is the Nostalgia Collection?

If you’ve been hiding out somewhere without internet connection, the Nostalgia Collection was pre-announced in July. The Collection travels back in time and celebrates Hebenon Vial’s (almost) 6 years with some of the most popular original piercing sets remade in the 100% custom mesh and texture pieces. 


Stay updated here, on the blog or inworld through either of the groups (links available at the mainstore). You can also join the Facebook event here

That’s it for now, see you the 31st! 


– Trisha Zweig,
the :HV: