Monthly Archives: May 2014

Hello, Violated! 

So whilst I was playing around with updating the piercing textures to look even more high quality and realistic, I “accidentily” created a new piercing set! Lucky for you! “Aint” is unisex and has a new piercing piece: spikes! AND a new piercing texture: stripes! The set is scripted with color change with 8 different colors! Yay!

I dare say there’s nothing like it in all SL. “Ofcourse not, Trisha – it’s a HV item!” they all replied with horror in their little childlike voices!

Check it out now @ the Mainstore where you will also find it on a Mobvend board – just for you – just for today. 

Also: Don’t forget the :HV: is a sponsor at the Dark Style Fair on the 17th of May! Which means new stuff, exclusives and alot of goth! Yay again!