Pricing info for :HV: -the Hebenon Vial Items

Please see the Pricing Lists tab for prices.

The :HV: strives to bring you the best piercing sets and accessories for the best possible price. During its many years as a Second Life™ official store, the :Hebenon Vial: has now, for the year 2013 developed a new pricing system which has been incorporated gradually, hence the price changes from the beginning of the year. The system ensures our customers a controlled price, with no exceptions and no overpricing! Please read below for the specifics on what you pay and what you get. 

Pricing process
Each item has each its individual pieces counted. The number and price of each of the piece(s) is then calculated. Ergo, total count is calculated into the total price for the item.

The price is then rounded either up or down depending on the price itself.
This is to avoid having a price saying 134L$ instead of 130L$.
The final price is determined out from the last digit. Example: 188 = 190.
And 166 = 170, 53 = 50 – et cetera.

The image below illustrates the cost for each piece.

:Hebenon Vial: Pricing List

Pricing List explained:

• Segment Ring
The segment ring is a simple full ring piercing which has an “invisible” lock which is part of the ring itself. It is the most simple piercing ring and thus the cheapest.

• Captive Ball Ring
The captive ball ring has a ball, aka. a bead, as a lock. Generally also a very typical piercing ring. 

• Horse Shoe Ring w/balls
• Horse Shoe Ring w/spikes
The horse shoe ring is a 3/4 ring which has either two balls, spikes or another kind of bead as its locks. The horse shoe ring with spikes is pricier than with balls.

• Other, special rings
Other special rings covers anything not specified above. An example could be the Pitch piercings, which have special lip rings, speficially the one in the middle of the lower lip, which is decorated with piercing balls. Again the price may vary depending on the specific piece.

• Ball pieces
• Ball pieces w/spikes
The ball piece is the typical either Labret or Monroe -and the like. It is a ball with a staff, and is the cheapest component in the piercing set. A ball piece with a spike is a bit pricier.

• Special pieces
Special pieces covers anything not specified above. The price is higher for a special piece, as it falls out of the “typical” piercings. This could, as an example, be a Cross piercing piece as seen on the Spiritus Sanctus piercing set. The price will also vary depending on the piece.

•  Plugs/Gauges
Plugs and Gauges are more body jewelry than actual piercing jewelry. Numerous different sizes are used to stretch a hole and gauge it. There are various sizes available, thus the varying price.

 The pricing for the accessories will vary alot depending on the accessory in question.
To the accessory, if the case, the pricing for piercing pieces used will be added to the total.

• Sculpted piece
The price for a sculpted piece varies alot. A few examples could be the sculpted ear in the Pierced! Ears, and the sculpted bow and key on the Skeleton Key Earrings. The :Hebenon Vial:, of course, does not charge more or the same, for each a small or a large sculpted object. However, the larger the object and the more expensive it was to obtain, the more expensive the final accessory will be.

HUD/Scripts bonus
The :HV: charges a small price for a HUD/scripted item. This is due to the fees the :HV: has to obtain scripts, hire scriptors – etc. Without depending on the complexity of the script, the price is always +10L$ if the item contains a script. The :HV: does not script its items very often, and especially not if its only to be able to claim the extra 10L$ !


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