First year

The Hebenon Vial, now known as the :HV:, has been in SL since the year of 2009.

Somewhere in that exact year, around February, the first product of the (not yet named) store, was made. It was a pair of rainbowy multicolored braces called the Nerdy Braces, if I remember correctly.
Having befriended a store owner, the items were sold under her brand, Toxicity.

In March 2009, the first piercing ring of the Hebenon Vial was produced. By then, the products available for sale had grown to a number large enough, it was time to take them and venture out into SL alone. Well, not completely alone or venture, a few blocks from the Toxicity in fact, I rented shop space and created the brand the :Hebenon Vial: amongst friends who supported me.

The name, Hebenon Vial, was taken after a Cinema Strange song, and a verse from W. Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. “Hebenon Vial” from Cinema Strange is heavily inspired by said play. Moreso, Hamlet is a Danish prince, thus also somewhat representing my own nationality as a proud Dane. The combination of the both violently obscene and the soft elegance seemed a fitting mix. The name stuck, and has until now where it has been shortened to simply, :HV:

“Hebenon” origin

“Hebenon (or hebona) is a botanical substance described in William Shakespeare‘s tragic play Hamlet. The identity and nature of the poison has been a source of speculation for centuries.”

Cinema Strange:
Murder most foul! Incestuous sheets! Hebenon vial! ‘Twere madness discreet!” 

“Upon my secure hour thy uncle stole,With juice of cursed hebenon in a vial (…)”


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