███ CONTACT Info
Read before you contact:

• No thanks to shop offers inworld.
• No affiliate vendors.
• No full perms given. No Refunds, only in special cases.
• I make my own textures, and no, I will under no circumstances sell them (!!!)
 I do not answer model/styling questions.

• If you know of someone/somewhere selling my stuff illegally, send me a notecard ASAP.

• Before contacting, read the :Hebenon Vial: FAQ 2012 notecard you recieved with the item. Another copy can be grabbed at the Mainstore.


Step-by-step solution, please read:

1) Create a notecard
2) Name it: Item not recieved – Your Full SL Name
3) Inside the notecard provide me with the full Order information – especially the 10 digit Order ID. (The order ID is listen under the date of the order right before the Order status, it is not the item ID.
On marketplace, go to My Account -> Order History, find your order and copy paste it into the notecard.
4) Send me the notecard.

I cannot redeliver your item if you only provide me with the item name and if you don’t copy me the Order ID!

The boards are scripted with the a redeliver option, simply click/Touch the product shopping bag you want redelivered, and choose Redeliver from the menu.
If the board does not redeliver and you didn’t recieve your item, send the information in a notecard.
Thank you!

• If you want to be 100% sure your message will be recieved, send it in a notecard.
 SPECIFY the notecard name with the issue, or it will be discarded.
• If you get no reply within a week, send your notecard again.
• For BLOGGERS; Go to the Info tab or read the Bloggers section in the FAQ


Trisha Zweig
:Hebenon Owner:


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