Current inworld stores for the :HV:

Depraved Nation – :HV: Mainstore
Home of Razor Mainstore. A shopping SIM with a lot of great stores & events.

➋ Demonic Club & Mall – :HV: Store
Dark, alternative gothic industrial tunes.

Demented District – :HV: Store
Home of [AsYLUM] Mainstore. Popular brands, gothic, punk horror/alternative shopping SIM.

➍ Sanctuary Rock – :HV: Shop
Rock/Alternative Club (open 24/7) & Mall. Great music, great people. 

➎ Jersey Shore – :HV: Shop
Shopping SIM. Great place with all the popular brands and tons of stores.

Transylvania – :HV: Shop
Home of the transylvanian vampires & THE WALL club. Also a shopping SIM with a lot of brands.

➐  Barely Legal Couture Mainstore – :HV: Featured Wall
Owner of Barely Legal Couture let me put up a wall of :HV:. Very cool!

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