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✣ The Nostalgia Collection is TOMORROW!
At 8AM SLT the doors will open for a line of NEW and ORIGINAL HV piercing sets. This means that the :HV: is closed down from this very moment, since the Collection is setup somewhere on the HV sim. We wouldn’t want any cheateeerrrs!

✣ Wear your tag for discount!
You will get 10% off if you’re in the :HV: update group. You can find the group joiner @ the Mainstore.

✣ Facebook event
If you’re into that, here’s the link for the Facebook event:

✣ Here is your taxih
It won’t take you there yet, no matter how much you scream and/or throw dildos at it. It will be ready from 8AM SLT.


Trisha Zweig,
:HV: – the :Hebenon Vial:

Hello, violated!

It’s been a long time coming due to a busy RL, however now it’s finally here; the Nostalgia Collection 2014 opens its doors this Sunday the 31st of August from 8AM SLT! 

What is the Nostalgia Collection?

If you’ve been hiding out somewhere without internet connection, the Nostalgia Collection was pre-announced in July. The Collection travels back in time and celebrates Hebenon Vial’s (almost) 6 years with some of the most popular original piercing sets remade in the 100% custom mesh and texture pieces. 


Stay updated here, on the blog or inworld through either of the groups (links available at the mainstore). You can also join the Facebook event here

That’s it for now, see you the 31st! 


– Trisha Zweig,
the :HV:

Hello, Violated! 

So whilst I was playing around with updating the piercing textures to look even more high quality and realistic, I “accidentily” created a new piercing set! Lucky for you! “Aint” is unisex and has a new piercing piece: spikes! AND a new piercing texture: stripes! The set is scripted with color change with 8 different colors! Yay!

I dare say there’s nothing like it in all SL. “Ofcourse not, Trisha – it’s a HV item!” they all replied with horror in their little childlike voices!

Check it out now @ the Mainstore where you will also find it on a Mobvend board – just for you – just for today. 

Also: Don’t forget the :HV: is a sponsor at the Dark Style Fair on the 17th of May! Which means new stuff, exclusives and alot of goth! Yay again!


Hello my Violated Dearies.
Oh, do I have some updates for you…

Just when you thought the Hebenon Vial anno 2011-2013 was a closed chapter, – finito-jinito -….
And you wept yourself into your Slumber over that perfect set which is now Nevermore.

It’s NOT! 😀

The official, first, perfectly twisted “Nostalgia” Collection Posters only for you!
Dedicated to and words by our dear Father; Poe himself – the creator of all goth and my personal inspiration for years.

The first item of the collection will be released at THE DARK STYLE EVENT on May 15th, the rest follows later this May.

Stay wet, more info soon!

— TZ

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Hello Violated!
I thought you might like to receive a few updates on what’s going on @ :HV:
I know I haven’t been the best at staying active… but stay tuned cause alot is going to happen! Uh-oh


Apr 9th 2014 – The Depraved Nation 100 Block Event

In case you don’t already know it, the 100 Block Event
features some of the most popular brands!

Each store has exclusive items for the event, and of course,
the :HV: is participating again this year with its very own.

WHATS THE EXCLUSIVE? – You’ll have to wait until the 9th!
I can tell you as much as its going to be an item for both genders!

( Hint: What’s every celebs favorite plastic surgery? )

Read more @


May 17th 2014 – The Dark Style Event

The :Hebenon Vial: is (ofcourse) for the first time participating in FFE’s
“The Dark Style Event” (being a gothic/horror inspired store and all).

There will be an exclusive which you REALLY don’t wanna miss! Also for both male and female.

( Hint: What’s a Hebenon Halloween exclusive which is also named after a certain Batman: Animated Series villain? )

Also I will be providing a free gift and a limited edition item which will be
sold in a limited number of copies! Oh dear!

The limited item is something I made for myself personally,
but I’ve been getting so many IMs about it I’m going to put it out for the event. Only!

Also don’t forget the recently released items @ the Store:


That’s it for now! Have a deliciously devious day.
– Trisha Zweig,
the :HV:

Hello, violated Horde of Doom!

I hope you all had an awesome new year’s. I’ve been off SL for a while, and I reckon much won’t change on that part. However, I do have a bit of off time right now, and for that, I figured I’d get back to creating a few sets for you!

The result; two new sets which will soon be three, once I get the Male Mod out as well:

1) The Giftie


The “Primestone” set is available @ the Mainstore for just 10L$ and is set at a 100% discount for group members, which means you only need to let go of 1L$ to own it! 🙂

2) The Smug


New mixed set! The Smug has a Septum and Bridge piercing piece in the delicious oily textures, and Frost/Gold/Metal or Ink of that’s your kink (those rhymes) as the rest: 4 lip piercings and a jewely face plug. This set comes home with you for only 85L$

3) The Smug (Male Mod)

Coming soon! The slightly modified male version will be out some time tomorrow…. Stay tuned!

That’s it for now! 

Trisha Zweig
the :Hebenon Vial:

Violated horde!

Today, a freshly baked (literally) Apostate pie for you!
Did you know being an apostate is illegal and punishable by death in some countries? (It’s true, Wankapedia told me so itself.)
Now you do! So you better be careful when you wear them, they might just get you hanged.
So, just remember….. ……. …..

Forgot what I was going to type. Probably not important!

LOOK -> Piercing pic:

:HV: Apostate


:OOOOO ooooooh so pweety.

The Apostate is hung (oh the irony!) up on the Midnight Mania board and on the MobVendor board. Only 150L$,
see if you can bring the price further down @ the :HV: Mainstore

I hope my pie didn’t offend anyone!

That’s it for now, thank you and enjoy!
– Trisha Zweig, the :HV:

Hello, Violated!

Fresh out of the oven today: The Violatoress rings and nails!
It’s a complete two hand set of spiky and classy awesomeness.
All custom handmade mesh, the kind and style you only see at :HV: !

:HV: Violatoress Hands

And since I’m so happy about all my :HV: stalkers, I’ve put up a Midnight Mania board,
just for you and all the others in the NEW :HV: group, only 100 people and you all get the
Violatoress for free!

Also, for those who’ve subscribed and whos not in the group, there’s a Mob Prize Vendor
waiting for you @ the mainstore – the price goes aaaall the way down to 50L!

Bring your besties, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandma AND EVERYONE ON THE WAY!

That’s it for now, thank you and Enjoy!
– Trisha Zweig, the :HV:

SO finally, the Depraved Nation 100 Block Event is tomooooorrrooooooow! (In my case, today).

Either way, it’s another Depraved Nation event and it’s going to be awesome! The :HV: shop @ District, (the event sim) has a 15% general discount and 20% for the :HV: group members! (the NEW group! If you didn’t know there is a new update group, type the :HV: in search! ) Exclusives are available for no more than 80L$! Also, I may or may have not released two new items from the “Anatomy” body piercings new colletion. And I’m pretty sure that I haven’t put up as many products as is primspacewise possible, so you are sure to get as many discounted :HV: items as possible! Shhh…..

If you do not know about the 100 Block Event I suggest you find out tomorrow by going there! 😀

100 Block 1x1 Flier Green Final

That’s it for now!
See you there 😉