official Updates

Hello my Violated Dearies.
Oh, do I have some updates for you…

Just when you thought the Hebenon Vial anno 2011-2013 was a closed chapter, – finito-jinito -….
And you wept yourself into your Slumber over that perfect set which is now Nevermore.

It’s NOT! ūüėÄ

The official, first, perfectly twisted “Nostalgia” Collection Posters only for you!
Dedicated to and words by our dear Father; Poe himself – the creator of all goth and my personal inspiration for years.

The first item of the collection will be released at THE DARK STYLE EVENT on May 15th, the rest follows later this May.

Stay wet, more info soon!

— TZ

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Hello Violated!
I thought you might like to receive a few updates on what’s going on @ :HV:
I know I haven’t been the best at staying active… but stay tuned cause¬†alot is going to happen! Uh-oh


Apr 9th 2014 – The Depraved Nation 100 Block Event

In case you don’t already know it, the 100 Block Event
features some of the most popular brands!

Each store has exclusive items for the event, and of course,
the :HV: is participating again this year with its very own.

WHATS THE EXCLUSIVE? – You’ll have to wait until the 9th!
I can tell you as much as its going to be an item for both genders!

( Hint: What’s every celebs favorite plastic surgery? )

Read more @


May 17th 2014 – The Dark Style Event

The :Hebenon Vial: is (ofcourse) for the first time participating in FFE’s
“The Dark Style Event” (being a gothic/horror inspired store and all).

There will be an exclusive which you REALLY don’t wanna miss! Also for both male and female.

( Hint: What’s a Hebenon Halloween exclusive which is also named after a certain Batman: Animated Series villain? )

Also I will be providing a free gift and a limited edition item which will be
sold in a limited number of copies! Oh dear!

The limited item is something I made for myself personally,
but I’ve been getting so many IMs about it I’m going to put it out for the event. Only!

Also don’t forget the recently released items @ the Store:


That’s it for now! Have a deliciously devious day.
– Trisha Zweig,
the :HV:

SO finally, the Depraved Nation 100 Block Event is tomooooorrrooooooow! (In my case, today).

Either way, it’s another Depraved Nation event and it’s going to be awesome! The :HV: shop @ District, (the event sim) has a 15% general discount¬†and 20% for the :HV: group members! (the NEW group! If you didn’t know there is a new update group, type the :HV: in search! )¬†Exclusives are available for no more than 80L$!¬†Also, I may or may have not released two new items from the “Anatomy” body piercings new colletion. And I’m pretty sure that I haven’t put up as many products as is primspacewise possible, so you are sure to get as many discounted :HV: items as possible! Shhh…..

If you do not know about the 100 Block Event I suggest you find out tomorrow by going there! ūüėÄ

100 Block 1x1 Flier Green Final

That’s it for now!
See you there ūüėČ

Hello m’dearies!

So I’ve been awfully quiet these past… few.. weeks?¬†The reason for this being that the Hebenon Vial is undergoing some few major changes…

Say hello to :HV: & the new era of :Hebenon Vial: because the underground is so much more fun and you know it. Anyways for the occassion, I went out (home) and redesigned alot of stuff. Take a look at the new logo!

Pretty sharp aint it!
So either way, along with a new logo, new store and hopefully alot of other changes coming up, (redesigning and rebranding is just a blast of fun) there are two new items out also!

board_new_2013_careface_hardcandy board_new_2013_careface_retrorock

“Careface” MESH piercings in two seperate delicious versions! They are available @ the new mainstore and for the price of only 120L$ each… There is also a little extra treat inside the boxes. Woohoo!

I will be updating you as much as I can with the new changes and new items which are still in the oven, but will be out soon…. dun dun duuun….
Enjoy the :HV:! ‚̧

A quick update on the Marketplace status.
To those of you who do not know; I am currently re-uploading all items to the Marketplace with the new Direct Delivery system. This means all items are taken down and put up again gradually.

I’ve been working on it all day so far, the sets which are now available at the Marketplace again are:
Against the Stream [all metals]
Jewel [all metals]
Male Mod: Against the Stream [all metals]
Pitch v.1 & v. 2 [all metals]
Aggression [all metals]
Anonymous [all metals]
Payne [all metals]
Beast [all metals]
Mouth [all metals]
The items from the Skittlelicious collection are being sold in limited quantities!
This is because they are collection products and will not be up permanently!
50 copies for each set.
Beast [all colors]
Anonymous [all colors]
Holes II [all colors]
& also the Pierced! Ears Collection editions:
Pierced! Ears medium stretch [skittlelicious version]
Pierced! Ears large stretch [skittlelicious version]

That’s it for now! Thank you!

Hello fan horde!

First and foremost an important update:
the piercing sets “Jewel” and ¬†“Against the Stream”¬†has a new updated version!
It has been sent out today, if you did not get it, send me a notecard with your transaction and I will send it to you.

It is very important that you delete the older version and replace it with the new!

ALSO, I am currently converting the Marketplace listings to the Direct Delivery System.
This means that all items apart from the new MESH piercings, will be temporarily unavailable.

All items are however still accessible at the mainstore, so you’ll have to tp there!

Moving on, the Against the Stream set is now also out for the men!
Additionally, there is a new texture in the MALE MODS Metals set, as with oil – it’s called “Decay” and its a rusty version of the Metal!
As with the female version, the Against the Stream Male Mod also comes in a wonderful texture change fatpack, one set – 5 textures!

Take a look at it here:

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The set is available in world @ the Mainstore
And also on the marketplace in…


That’s it for now!

Hello dearies!
Oh, what I have in store for all of you today….

After a long time of hard work and long hours (two days, actually) I’ve finally made MESH! Oh yeah… That’s right! Mesh piercings!
Wraaaaaaaa! Yall saying.

For the first time in Hebenon History, I proudly present to you a completely customly hand made mesh item, very fittingly named: Against the Stream,¬†even though I’m really going with the stream here. Tadaaa:

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It get’s better. You were probably wondering, as you were checking out the pictures, why there is a new metal texture… It’s because there is! Added to the pack is the “Oil” textures! And they’re absolutely colorlicious.

The fatpack version is now¬†scripted¬†with texture change. Avoid having to edit all the piercings in the pack (even though it’s now as easy as it gets)!
The set is available so far @ the mainstore.

That’s it for now!

Hello fan horde!

The :Hebenon Vial: SKITTLElicious Color Collection of March 2013 is now finally all set up!
There is still a 5% discount to anyone wearing the :Hebenon Vial: group tag.

Let’s take a look at the new stuff! :

PIERCING SETS and 2 new PIERCED! Ears editions! :

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Items are available @ the Mainstore ALL at standard prices!

That’s it for now!
Enjoy! ‚̧

Hello, violated!

It’s time for another series of delicious updates! So what do I have for you today?

First and foremost, the BRAND new mainstore! So if you haven’t checked it out already,
be sure to do that! I’m finally¬†done setting up, so all should be good to go. Any vendor errors,
you know you don’t have to hesitate to let me know!


Second, the male part of the :Hebenon Violated: fan horde are gonna looove this…

So, sweet Heather from Depraved Nation tells me a story… About a woman looking for good piercings…¬†Ofcourse, being as sweet as she is, Heather says the magic word: Hebenon.

This is where things get interesting… The woman says, yes but, it’s for my man.¬†Sweet Heather ofcourse tells her,¬†Hebenon piercings are all unisex really.
However, this is no longer the case! The sexes are very much divided in the new mainstore.

Directly to my point, introducing the :Hebenon Vial: MALE MODS with Ankh Arun as the guinea pig:

the :Hebenon Vial: MALE MODS: Aggression

You probably weren’t expecting that, were you!
The set is available only at the store for now in all the metal textures.
Also wear the group tag for a 5% discount! Why the heck not!

(Of course, with a few sharp editing skills, all sets are still unisex.)

Lastly, don’t forget the upcoming SKITTLELICIOUS collection coming March the 1st,
like Hebenon Vial on Facebook for more info!

I’ll be back later with more juicy news…

Trisha Zweig
the :Hebenon Vial: