✣ The Nostalgia Collection is TOMORROW!
At 8AM SLT the doors will open for a line of NEW and ORIGINAL HV piercing sets. This means that the :HV: is closed down from this very moment, since the Collection is setup somewhere on the HV sim. We wouldn’t want any cheateeerrrs!

✣ Wear your tag for discount!
You will get 10% off if you’re in the :HV: update group. You can find the group joiner @ the Mainstore.

✣ Facebook event
If you’re into that, here’s the link for the Facebook event:

✣ Here is your taxih
It won’t take you there yet, no matter how much you scream and/or throw dildos at it. It will be ready from 8AM SLT.


Trisha Zweig,
:HV: – the :Hebenon Vial:

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