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Hello, hebenaddicts!

So yesterday I went to LeLutka to check out if they had any new, cool hairs… Yeah, I do go out! Sometimes….
Either way, what do I find… They’ve actually made “Alice” hair from Alice in Wonderland, with the bow and all!
It was so cute I, of course, had to make a new piercing set to go with it!


The set is available in Frost, Gold, Metal, Ink & Oil @ the Mainstore,
and only in Metal @ the marketplace. – Yours for only 90L$
I know its impossible to get an idea of the hair from this picture, but you should really go check it out @ LeLutka!

That’s it for now, enjoy!

Hello, violated!
So I cleaned my computer inside-out and now, it purrs again. Which also means I can now play around with modeling mesh in peace and quiet for once!

Without further rambling here’s a new item for you! :
:HV: Stud [Retro Rock] :HV: Stud [Hard Candy]

The “Stud” is available in Hard Candy & Retro Rock version (shown above), and of course in the Metals pack: Frost, Gold, Metal, Ink & Oil.
All versions available @ the mainstore while the special mixes will be available @ the marketplace.

Hello, hebenaddicts!

Another day, another new item!
You all probably already seen the new mesh ears Schakal (link),
and the cute little mesh cross I designed for it… So I thought… why not make this cross featured in a new piercing set….

And here it is, Schakal [Holy] version! :

With piercings in the [Ink] & [Frost] versions, and the Diamond jewel stud piece.
Now available at the Marketplace & ofcourse, at the Mainstore!


Hello m’dearies!

So I’ve been awfully quiet these past… few.. weeks? The reason for this being that the Hebenon Vial is undergoing some few major changes…

Say hello to :HV: & the new era of :Hebenon Vial: because the underground is so much more fun and you know it. Anyways for the occassion, I went out (home) and redesigned alot of stuff. Take a look at the new logo!

Pretty sharp aint it!
So either way, along with a new logo, new store and hopefully alot of other changes coming up, (redesigning and rebranding is just a blast of fun) there are two new items out also!

board_new_2013_careface_hardcandy board_new_2013_careface_retrorock

“Careface” MESH piercings in two seperate delicious versions! They are available @ the new mainstore and for the price of only 120L$ each… There is also a little extra treat inside the boxes. Woohoo!

I will be updating you as much as I can with the new changes and new items which are still in the oven, but will be out soon…. dun dun duuun….
Enjoy the :HV:! ❤