:Hebenon Vial: General Policy

Also partly answered in the :Hebenon Vial: FAQ• All products sold at :Hebenon Vial: will under no circumstances be sold with full permissions.
• The :Hebenon Vial: piercing/accessories products are linked sets of a lot of small prims. If you are not good with editing your items to fit you, please consider not buying the sets, or search online tutorials.
• No Refunds. Even if:
– You’re unhappy with the product / You regret having bought it
– You were supposed to buy it for someone else (xstreet)
– You didn’t think about the editing work needed for the product.
– You thought the product included something even though the Board didn’t say so.
– Etc.
• I will however offer you new/updated/fixed items if:
– Your item is defect / Something is wrong
– You want the product changed (this depends on the changes since my SL time is limited)
– You bought an old :Hebenon Vial: Item and want an update (you’ll need to follow a notecard with instructions as how to confirm you have the product, now that your transaction history is gone).
• If you wish to gift an item from :Hebenon Vial: Please use Marketplace or go to the Mainstore and use the gift option on the Product Boards there.
• Any comments on :Hebenon Vial: should go to the Guestbook in the Mainstore @ Pumpkin, it’s easier for everyone. I appreciate all comments as long as they’re constructive, but my IMs cap and my e-mail is packed and stacked.
• Only officially hired :Hebenon Vial: models will/can be featured on Boards. Before you ask, grab the Model Application @ the Store. I only accept the official :Hebenon Vial: Model App notecard.
• All :Hebenon Vial: Products/Boards/Logo is copyright © Trisha Zweig 2009-2012, anyone violating said copyright laws will be reported to the LL lab, and permanently banned from SL. (If not worse, since violating copyright is also considered very wrong in the RL world).
– If you see someone/ know about someone selling :Hebenon Vial: products, it is a Thief, and I encourage everyone to report this violation to me. I will need proof as a logged convo / else, but really all there is needed is to give me the name and I will pass it on to LL to decide.

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