First update in 2014

Hello, violated Horde of Doom!

I hope you all had an awesome new year’s. I’ve been off SL for a while, and I reckon much won’t change on that part. However, I do have a bit of off time right now, and for that, I figured I’d get back to creating a few sets for you!

The result; two new sets which will soon be three, once I get the Male Mod out as well:

1) The Giftie


The “Primestone” set is available @ the Mainstore for just 10L$ and is set at a 100% discount for group members, which means you only need to let go of 1L$ to own it! 🙂

2) The Smug


New mixed set! The Smug has a Septum and Bridge piercing piece in the delicious oily textures, and Frost/Gold/Metal or Ink of that’s your kink (those rhymes) as the rest: 4 lip piercings and a jewely face plug. This set comes home with you for only 85L$

3) The Smug (Male Mod)

Coming soon! The slightly modified male version will be out some time tomorrow…. Stay tuned!

That’s it for now! 

Trisha Zweig
the :Hebenon Vial:

1 comment
  1. mielette said:

    Love these! You make the best piercings ♥

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