Another :HV: piercings feature by Jack3on and Rissa,
check out the post @

Their PIC:Jack3on & Rissa, Mesh Maniacs

Also, I hope you didn’t miss the first post the couple did as official :HV: Bloggers, 
check it out @

Their PIC:
Jack3on & Rissa, Mesh Maniacs

Enjoy! ♥

– TZ
the :HV:

Violated horde!

Today, a freshly baked (literally) Apostate pie for you!
Did you know being an apostate is illegal and punishable by death in some countries? (It’s true, Wankapedia told me so itself.)
Now you do! So you better be careful when you wear them, they might just get you hanged.
So, just remember….. ……. …..

Forgot what I was going to type. Probably not important!

LOOK -> Piercing pic:

:HV: Apostate


:OOOOO ooooooh so pweety.

The Apostate is hung (oh the irony!) up on the Midnight Mania board and on the MobVendor board. Only 150L$,
see if you can bring the price further down @ the :HV: Mainstore

I hope my pie didn’t offend anyone!

That’s it for now, thank you and enjoy!
– Trisha Zweig, the :HV:

Hello, Violated!

Fresh out of the oven today: The Violatoress rings and nails!
It’s a complete two hand set of spiky and classy awesomeness.
All custom handmade mesh, the kind and style you only see at :HV: !

:HV: Violatoress Hands

And since I’m so happy about all my :HV: stalkers, I’ve put up a Midnight Mania board,
just for you and all the others in the NEW :HV: group, only 100 people and you all get the
Violatoress for free!

Also, for those who’ve subscribed and whos not in the group, there’s a Mob Prize Vendor
waiting for you @ the mainstore – the price goes aaaall the way down to 50L!

Bring your besties, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandma AND EVERYONE ON THE WAY!

That’s it for now, thank you and Enjoy!
– Trisha Zweig, the :HV:

Hello Violated Horde, :3

Suki again, this time with a set from the ANATOMY line !!

The :Hebenon Vial: – Schakal Pierced! Ears // MP
The :Hebenon Vial: – ANATOMY – Cleavage – [Coloris] // MP

Keep in mind that the Depraved Nation “100 Block!” Event goes until the 31st of May, The :HV: shop at the event is set to a 15% discount for everyone, and a 20% discount for :HV: group members! Exclusives are available for no more than $80L! Get your asses on over there and check it out [:

100 Block Event “TP”

xxxo, Suki 

Full styling will be available on my blog,

[: TWHM streaking across in the Violated Horde’s lair!

The :Hebenon Vial: – Septumee 04 w/Spikes [Ink] // MP
The :Hebenon Vial: – CBR – [METALS Preview] – [Ink] // MP

(The CBR “METALS Preview” is available for 15L, think of it as a wearable demo so you can try out each violated metal before making your choice on the set you’ll buy!)

The :Hebenon Vial: – Dragon Tattoo – [Regular/Faded] // MP

(Formerly known as “Girl with the dragon tattoo”)

xxxo, Suki ♥

Full styling will be available shortly on my blog,

SO finally, the Depraved Nation 100 Block Event is tomooooorrrooooooow! (In my case, today).

Either way, it’s another Depraved Nation event and it’s going to be awesome! The :HV: shop @ District, (the event sim) has a 15% general discount and 20% for the :HV: group members! (the NEW group! If you didn’t know there is a new update group, type the :HV: in search! ) Exclusives are available for no more than 80L$! Also, I may or may have not released two new items from the “Anatomy” body piercings new colletion. And I’m pretty sure that I haven’t put up as many products as is primspacewise possible, so you are sure to get as many discounted :HV: items as possible! Shhh…..

If you do not know about the 100 Block Event I suggest you find out tomorrow by going there! 😀

100 Block 1x1 Flier Green Final

That’s it for now!
See you there 😉

Hello, hebenaddicts!

So yesterday I went to LeLutka to check out if they had any new, cool hairs… Yeah, I do go out! Sometimes….
Either way, what do I find… They’ve actually made “Alice” hair from Alice in Wonderland, with the bow and all!
It was so cute I, of course, had to make a new piercing set to go with it!


The set is available in Frost, Gold, Metal, Ink & Oil @ the Mainstore,
and only in Metal @ the marketplace. – Yours for only 90L$
I know its impossible to get an idea of the hair from this picture, but you should really go check it out @ LeLutka!

That’s it for now, enjoy!

Hello, violated!
So I cleaned my computer inside-out and now, it purrs again. Which also means I can now play around with modeling mesh in peace and quiet for once!

Without further rambling here’s a new item for you! :
:HV: Stud [Retro Rock] :HV: Stud [Hard Candy]

The “Stud” is available in Hard Candy & Retro Rock version (shown above), and of course in the Metals pack: Frost, Gold, Metal, Ink & Oil.
All versions available @ the mainstore while the special mixes will be available @ the marketplace.

Hello, hebenaddicts!

Another day, another new item!
You all probably already seen the new mesh ears Schakal (link),
and the cute little mesh cross I designed for it… So I thought… why not make this cross featured in a new piercing set….

And here it is, Schakal [Holy] version! :

With piercings in the [Ink] & [Frost] versions, and the Diamond jewel stud piece.
Now available at the Marketplace & ofcourse, at the Mainstore!