Punishable by Death in some Countries

Violated horde!

Today, a freshly baked (literally) Apostate pie for you!
Did you know being an apostate is illegal and punishable by death in some countries? (It’s true, Wankapedia told me so itself.)
Now you do! So you better be careful when you wear them, they might just get you hanged.
So, just remember….. ……. …..

Forgot what I was going to type. Probably not important!

LOOK -> Piercing pic:

:HV: Apostate


:OOOOO ooooooh so pweety.

The Apostate is hung (oh the irony!) up on the Midnight Mania board and on the MobVendor board. Only 150L$,
see if you can bring the price further down @ the :HV: Mainstore

I hope my pie didn’t offend anyone!

That’s it for now, thank you and enjoy!
– Trisha Zweig, the :HV:

1 comment
  1. zoey22 redstar said:

    love this piercing set!but wheres the eyenake up and lashes from? plz help

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