100 Block!

SO finally, the Depraved Nation 100 Block Event is tomooooorrrooooooow! (In my case, today).

Either way, it’s another Depraved Nation event and it’s going to be awesome! The :HV: shop @ District, (the event sim) has a 15% general discount and 20% for the :HV: group members! (the NEW group! If you didn’t know there is a new update group, type the :HV: in search! ) Exclusives are available for no more than 80L$! Also, I may or may have not released two new items from the “Anatomy” body piercings new colletion. And I’m pretty sure that I haven’t put up as many products as is primspacewise possible, so you are sure to get as many discounted :HV: items as possible! Shhh…..

If you do not know about the 100 Block Event I suggest you find out tomorrow by going there! 😀

100 Block 1x1 Flier Green Final

That’s it for now!
See you there 😉

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