Update: Marketplace

A quick update on the Marketplace status.
To those of you who do not know; I am currently re-uploading all items to the Marketplace with the new Direct Delivery system. This means all items are taken down and put up again gradually.

I’ve been working on it all day so far, the sets which are now available at the Marketplace again are:
Against the Stream [all metals]
Jewel [all metals]
Male Mod: Against the Stream [all metals]
Pitch v.1 & v. 2 [all metals]
Aggression [all metals]
Anonymous [all metals]
Payne [all metals]
Beast [all metals]
Mouth [all metals]
The items from the Skittlelicious collection are being sold in limited quantities!
This is because they are collection products and will not be up permanently!
50 copies for each set.
Beast [all colors]
Anonymous [all colors]
Holes II [all colors]
& also the Pierced! Ears Collection editions:
Pierced! Ears medium stretch [skittlelicious version]
Pierced! Ears large stretch [skittlelicious version]

That’s it for now! Thank you!


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