Unstoppable (As awesomely cutely said by the wonderful Satine Kalinakov!)

I’m really getting the hang of this mesh thing! As soon as earlier today, after getting home, I found myself making a new mesh object: a jewel stud!
It seems just a snap of my fingers ago since I drew the textures: 9 brilliantly shiningly awesome jewel colors!
(Though it really did take the whole day! That’s how picky I am with details!)

Here is it for you, “Jewel” :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The piercing set has a texture change that allows you to choose between the 9 textures: Amethyst, Fuschia, Topaz, Emerald, Sapphire, Citrine, Crystil, Jet and Ruby!  Phew!
You almost need to (mentally) catch your breath!

The texture change is simple: click the jewel stud and select your texture. That’s it!
To delete scripts, as usual is !deletescripts in local chat… Also… save a copy! You know the drill!

Hope you enjoy as much as I did! 😀


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