New! :Hebenon Vial: Singles & new MALE MOD

Hello, violated fan horde!

Today I have a very special new item update for you! Introducing the :Hebenon Vial: Singles!
The idea behind the Singles is selling few piercing pieces for a very, very low price. This allows you all to choose and add just the piercing piece you want to wear! Of course, all the piercing sets will be available in all the Metal Textures so you can pick your favorite color pieces. And the price is only 20-25L$ a piece!

Here’s the first Single, the “Septumee” – available with segment ring, captive ball ring, horse shoe rings with beads or spikes.
And if you find it too hard chosing, the fatpacks are only 60-75L$!

Septumee Singles

Keep an eye open for more sets which will be launched eventually (once they’re made, magically!)
Let’s jump to the next news, again, there’s something little for the guys:


Beast now in a sexy MALE MOD, available in all the metal textures @ the store.
Both items will be available eventually on the Marketplace as well, however, they won’t be in all the metal textures, since it takes forever to make aaaall those board pictures!

Get used to shopping in world if you wanna be 100% sure you get your free choise!
Haha 😀

– Trisha Zweig,
the :Hebenon Vial:


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