New! MALE MODS & Mainstore

Hello, violated!

It’s time for another series of delicious updates! So what do I have for you today?

First and foremost, the BRAND new mainstore! So if you haven’t checked it out already,
be sure to do that! I’m finally done setting up, so all should be good to go. Any vendor errors,
you know you don’t have to hesitate to let me know!


Second, the male part of the :Hebenon Violated: fan horde are gonna looove this…

So, sweet Heather from Depraved Nation tells me a story… About a woman looking for good piercings… Ofcourse, being as sweet as she is, Heather says the magic word: Hebenon.

This is where things get interesting… The woman says, yes but, it’s for my man. Sweet Heather ofcourse tells her, Hebenon piercings are all unisex really.
However, this is no longer the case! The sexes are very much divided in the new mainstore.

Directly to my point, introducing the :Hebenon Vial: MALE MODS with Ankh Arun as the guinea pig:

the :Hebenon Vial: MALE MODS: Aggression

You probably weren’t expecting that, were you!
The set is available only at the store for now in all the metal textures.
Also wear the group tag for a 5% discount! Why the heck not!

(Of course, with a few sharp editing skills, all sets are still unisex.)

Lastly, don’t forget the upcoming SKITTLELICIOUS collection coming March the 1st,
like Hebenon Vial on Facebook for more info!

I’ll be back later with more juicy news…

Trisha Zweig
the :Hebenon Vial:


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